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Cisco Catalyst 9200L Switch 1KW AC Config 5 Power Supply # PWR-C5-1KWAC=

Sale Price: US$  1,005.50  (75.0% OFF)

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C9200L chassis has two power supply slots that operates with either one active power supply module and a redundant power supply module. You can use two AC modules or one AC module and a blank cover. The active and redundant modules must be of the same type.

All power supply modules have internal fans. All switches ship with a blank cover in the second power supply slot.

The main module is field replaceable and the redundant module is hot-swappable. The redundant power supply can also be used for extra PoE power.

Two power supply modules can be powered up from two different phases.

The following table describes the supported internal power supply modules.

Table 1. Power Supply Module Part Numbers and Descriptions
Part Number Description


125 W AC power supply module


600 W AC power supply module


1000 W AC power supply module


125 W AC power supply module


600 W AC power supply module


1000 W AC power supply module


Blank cover

  1. Supported from Cisco IOS XE Gibraltar 16.11.1.

All the switches ship with a blank cover in the second power supply slot if the switches are ordered with only one power supply module.

For information about available PoE and PoE+ requirements, see these sections the Power Supply Modules.

The power supply modules are autoranging units that support input voltages between 100 and 240 VAC. Each AC power supply module has a power cord for connection to an AC power outlet. The modules use an 18-AWG power cord.

The following illustrations show the power supply modules.

Figure 1. 1000W AC Power Supply
Figure 2. 125W AC Power Supply


Release latch


→] LED


AC power cord connector


←] LED

If no power supply is installed in a power supply slot, install a power supply slot cover.

Figure 3. Power Supply Slot Cover


Release handles


Retainer clips

Table 2. Switch Power Supply Module LEDs






No AC input power.


Output is disabled, or input is outside the operating range (LED is off).


AC input power present.


Power output to switch active.


Output has failed.

Finding the Power Supply Module Serial Number

If you contact Cisco Technical Assistance regarding a power supply module, you need to know the serial number. See the following illustrations to find the serial number. You can also use the CLI to find out the serial number.

Figure 4. AC Power Supply Serial Number