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Cisco Catalyst 6880-X-Chassis (Standard Tables) # C1-C6880-X-LE

Sale Price: US$  14,865.00  (75.0% OFF)

List Price: US$  59,460.00

Condition: New Sealed

Delivery Time: 4 to 6 week

Network traffic has grown exponentially over the last several years, and this trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. By 2016, there will be 19 billion networked devices, up from 10 billion in 2011. Business IP traffic is expected to reach 13.1 exabytes per month in 2016[1]. Networks must be capable of scaling well beyond the needs of today to deal with the traffic of tomorrow while at the same time providing investment protection.

The Cisco® Catalyst® 6880-X Series Switch (Figure 1) is an extensible fixed aggregation switch that delivers a best-in-class Cisco Catalyst 6500 feature set in a small form factor. This premier aggregation platform offers best‑in-class scalability and flexibility with the premier Cisco Catalyst 6500 feature sets. This platform is ideal for those who want to introduce premium 10G services in small or midsize campus backbones. This unique platform offers 10G port density, full MPLS/VPLS functionality with large table sizes (up to 2M FIB entries), and more than 15 years of best-in-class features. With a full suite of L2/L3, virtualization, security, multicast, IPV6, application visibility, smart operations, and rich media services Cisco Catalyst 6800-X delivers unprecedented capabilities on day one. This platform also runs on the same architecture as the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 2T and therefore offers stability with a proven operating system software.

The Cisco Catalyst 6800-X Series chassis offers integrated resiliency by providing N+1 redundant fans, 1+1 power supply redundancy, and support for Virtual Switching System (VSS), thereby limiting network downtime, and ensures workforce productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Product Details

The Cisco Catalyst 6880-X provides flexibility to build desired port density through two versions (C6880-X-LE with standard FIB/ACL/Netflow tables and C6880-X with larger FIB/ACL/Netflow tables) of base chassis along with optional port cards (Figure 2). The base chassis comes with 16 10G/1G ports, and each port card supports 16 additional 10G/1G ports. Each system can be built up to 80 ports in 16-port increments. The port interface on the base module and the port cards supports both 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 1 Gigabit Ethernet speeds allowing customers to use their investment in 1 Gigabit Ethernet SFP and upgrade to 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ when business demands change, without having to do a comprehensive upgrade of the existing deployment. The port cards are hot swappable.

Figure 1.           

Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series Chassis with 4 Port Cards

Figure 2.           

16-Port Extensible Port Card

The Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series offers primary features and benefits, including:

  • Platform Scalability:The platform supports up to 220Gbps slot capacity per port-card. It supports up to 2Tbps of switching capacity, which doubles up to 4Tbps with VSS technology.
  • Security:Support for Cisco TrustSec (CTS), to provide IEEE 802.1AE MACsec encryption and role-based ACL, CoPP to prevent DoS attacks and Cisco ISE to safeguard and manage end-to-end security for the enterprise.
  • Virtualization:Comprehensive suite of Virtualization features including L2/L3 VPN, full MPLS, EVN, VRF aware applications for NAT Netflow, GRE for v4/v6, L2 extensions with VPLS etc. to segment different user groups and serve unique security/QoS policy requirements of each of these diverse user groups.
  • Application Visibility and Control (AVC):Supports enhanced application monitoring such as Flexible and Sampled NetFlow for intelligent and scalable application monitoring.
  • Smart Operations:The Cisco Catalyst 6880-X supports Catalyst Instant Access*, which allows an Instant Access Client to act as a remote line card of the Cisco Catalyst 6880-X, as well as Smart Install Director, which provides zero-touch deployment of access switches.
  • High Availability:Two Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series Switches can be combined into a VSS. In addition to high-availability VSS, provides ease of operation by providing a single point of management, eliminating the need for First Hop Routing Protocol (FHRP) and removing the reliance on Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) for link failure restoration.

* Support of Catalyst Instant Access is available on 15.1(2)SY2 and later releases.

Product Specifications

System Specifications

Table 1 lists the system specifications for the Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series Switch.

Table 1.             Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series System Specifications

Item Specification
Number of port card slots 4
Switching Capacity Up to 2Tbps
Performance The chassis is capable of supporting up to 220 Gbps per port card slot.

The 16 port 10G port cards and the base module will support 80 Gbps.

Maximum Port Density Per Chassis Up to 80 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Up to 80x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Maximum Port Density (VSS) Up to 158x 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Up to 158x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Power Supply Compatibility AC: 3000W, DC: 3000W
Module Compatibility All modules based on the software release in the system
Reliability and Availability
Online Insertion and Removal (OIR) OIR supported for redundant power supplies and port cards.
Physical dimensions (H x W x D)
Inches 8.75x 17.35 x 23
Centimeters 22.23 X 44.07 X 58.42
Rack Units (RU) 4.85
Chassis with 2 power supplies and fan tray 64 lbs/29.03 kgs
Chassis with 2 power supplies, fan tray with four port cards 88 lbs/39.92 kgs
Input Voltage 100 to 240 VAC

-48 to -60 VDC

Safety UL 60950 Second Edition

CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950 Second Edition

EN 60950 Second Edition

IEC 60950 Second Edition

AS/NZS 60950

EMC FCC Part 15 (CFR 47) Class A

VCCI Class A

EN55022 Class A

CISPR 22 Class A

CE marking

AS/NZS 3548 Class A

ETS300 386




NEBS/ETSI GR-1089-Core NEBS Level 3

ETS 300 019 Storage Class 1.1

ETS 300 019 Transportation Class 2.3

ETS 300 019 Stationary Use Class 3.1

ATIS Pb free and Energy efficiency ATIS-0600020.2010 Pb Free circuit packs

ATIS-0600015-2009 General Energy Efficiency Requirements (TEER)

ATIS-0600015.03-2009 Switch and Router Energy Efficiency

ATIS-0600015.01-2009 Server Energy Efficiency

VZ.TPR.9205 Verizon Energy Efficiency Requirements for Telecommunication Equipment (TEEER)

Network Management ETHERLIKE-MIB (RFC 1643)


IF-MIB (RFC 1573)

Bridge MIB (RFC 1493)













Operating Environment
Operating Temperature 32°F to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Storage Temperature -4 to 149°F (-20 to 65°C)
Thermal Transition 0.5°C per minute (hot to cold)

0.33°C per minute (cold to hot)

Relative Humidity Ambient (noncondensing) operating: 5% to 90%

Ambient (noncondensing) nonoperating and storage: 5% to 95%

Operating Altitude Certified for operation: 0 to 6500 ft (0 to 2000 m)

Designed and tested for operation: -200 to 10,000 ft (-60 to 3000 m)

Table 2 provides base system scalability information.

Table 2.             Base System Scalability

Attribute C6880-X-LE C6880-X
MAC entries 128K 128K
Routes 256K (IPv4)

128K (IPv6)

2048K (IPv4)

1024K (IPv6)

ACL entries 64K shared for QoS/Security 256K shared for QoS/Security
NetFlow entries 512K (per module slot)

Up to 2.5M per system

1024K (per module slot)

Up to 5M per system

Multicast routes 128K (IPv4)

128K (IPv6)

128K (IPv4)

128K (IPv6)

IPv4 routing In hardware

Up to 300 Mpps**

In hardware

Up to 300 Mpps**

IPv6 routing In hardware

Up to 150 Mpps**

In hardware

Up to 150 Mpps**

L2 bridging In hardware

Up to 300 Mpps**

In hardware

Up to 300 Mpps**

Jumbo frame support Up to 9216 bytes

(For bridged and routed pkts.)

Up to 9216 bytes

(For bridged and routed pkts.)

Bridge domains 16K 16K
MPLS In hardware (up to 8192 VRFs at 300 Mpps**) In hardware (up to 8192 VRFs at 300 Mpps**)
Logical interfaces 128K 128K
EtherChannel hash 8 bits 8 bits
VPLS In hardware (up to 150 Mpps**) In hardware (up to 150 Mpps**)
GRE In hardware (up to 150 Mpps**) In hardware (up to 150 Mpps**)
NAT Hardware assisted Hardware assisted
Onboard memory 2GB*** 4GB
Ingress buffers 1.25MB per 10G port in 2:1 mode

2.5MB per 10G port in 1:1 mode

(10MB per Port ASIC)

1.25MB per 10G port in 2:1 mode

2.5MB per 10G port in 1:1 mode

(10MB per Port ASIC)

Egress buffers 24MB per 10G port in 2:1 mode

48MB per 10G port in 1:1 mode

(192MB per MUX FPGA)

24MB per 10G port in 2:1 mode

48MB per 10G port in 1:1 mode

(192MB per MUX FPGA)

Oversubsription 16P 10G at 2:1 in oversubscription mode (default) for base module and port cards

8P 10G at 1:1 in performance mode (configurable) for base module and port cards

* 1K=1024

** Requires fully populated system

*** From March 2016, 6880-X-LE units will ship with 4 GB onboard memory

Table 3 provides port card scalability information.

Table 3.             Port Card Scalability

Attribute C6880-X-LE-16P10G C6880-X-16P10G
Routes 256K (IPv4)

128K (IPv6)

2048K (IPv4)

1024K (IPv6)

ACL entries 64K shared for QoS/Security 256K shared for QoS/Security
NetFlow entries 512K (per module slot)

Up to 2.5M per system

1024K (per module slot)

Up to 5M per system

Multicast routes 128K (IPv4)

128K (IPv6)

128K (IPv4)

128K (IPv6)

* 1K=1024

Table 4 provides information about QoS features and scalability.

Table 4.             QoS Features and Scalability

Feature C6880-X-LE C6880-X
Layer-3 classification and marking Access Control Entries (ACEs) 64K shared for QoS/Security 256K shared for QoS/Security
Aggregate traffic rate-limiting policers 16,348 16,348
Flow-based rate-limiting method; number of rates Per source address, destination address, or full flow; 64 rates Per source address, destination address, or full flow; 64 rates
Layer 2 rate limiters 20 ingress/6 egress 20 ingress/6 egress
MAC ACLs featuring per-port/per VLAN granularity Yes Yes
Distributed policers Yes Yes
Shared uFlow policers Yes Yes
Egress uFlow policers Yes Yes
Packet or byte policers Yes Yes
Per port per VLAN Yes Yes
COS and DSCP based Queue mapping Yes Yes
Deficit Weighted Round Robin Scheduler (DWRR) and Weighted Random Early Detection Scheduler (WRED) Yes Yes
Receive and Transmit Queues Default: 1p7q4t

Configurable: 2p6q4t

Default: 1p7q4t

Configurable: 2p6q4t

Table 5 provides information about security features and scalability.

Table 5.             Security Features and Scalability

Feature C6880-X-LE C6880-X
Port security Yes Yes
IEEE 802.1x and 802.1x extensions Yes Yes
VLAN and router ACLs and port ACLs Yes Yes
1:1 mask ratio to ACE values Yes Yes
Security ACL entries 64K shared for QoS/Security 256K shared for QoS/Security
CPU rate limiters (DoS protection) 57 57
uRPF check (IPv4/IPv6) Up to 16 Up to 16
Number of interfaces with unique ACL 16k 16k
RPF interfaces 16 16
Private VLANs Yes Yes
MAC ACLs on IP Yes Yes
Layer 2 and Layer 3 Cisco TrustSec

(Security Group Tagging & Security Group Access Control List)

Yes Yes
IEEE 802.1ae (MACsec) Layer 2 encryption in hardware Yes Yes
CPU HW rate limiters by PPS or BPS Yes Yes
CoPP for multicast L2 and L3 support L2 and L3 support
CoPP for exceptions (MTU, TTL) Yes Yes
CoPP exceptions NetFlow support Yes Yes
ACL labels 16K 16K
Port ACL 8K 8K
ACL dry run Yes Yes
Hitless ACL changes Yes Yes

Table 6 provides information about MPLS and virtualization features.

Table 6.          MPLS and Virtualization Features

Feature C6880-X-LE C6880-X
VSS* Yes Yes
Label imposition/disposition (MPLS-PE), swapping (MPLS‑P) Yes Yes
Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) Yes Yes
VRF Lite Yes Yes
EVN Yes Yes
QoS mechanisms using experimental (EXP) bits Yes Yes
MPLS differentiated services (diffserv)-aware traffic engineering (MPLS-DS-TE) Yes Yes
MPLS traceroute Yes Yes
EoMPLS Yes Yes
EoMPLS tunnels 16k 16k
IPv4 and IPv6 in IPv6 tunneling Yes Yes
IPv6 in IPv4 tunnelling (Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol [ISATAP], 6to4, GRE Yes Yes
QoS support for uniform, short pipe and pipe mode tunnel Yes Yes
Native VPLS in HW Yes Yes
Native L2 over multipoint GRE Yes Yes
VRF-aware operational contexts Yes Yes
VPN NetFlow support Yes Yes
VPN aware NAT Yes Yes
VRF-lite scalability VLAN reuse per subinterface VLAN reuse per subinterface
Per VPN interface statistics Yes Yes

* For optimal performance, it is recommended to use chassis with similar memory capacity

Table 7 provides information about Netflow and Multicast Features.

Table 7.             Netflow and Multicast Features

Feature C6880-X-LE C6880-X
Netflow support in hardware Yes Yes
Flexible Netflow Yes Yes
Sampled Netflow Yes Yes
Ingress/Egress Netflow Yes Yes
Ingress and Egress replication in hardware Yes Yes
IGMPv3 snooping in hardware Yes Yes
IPv6 MLDv2 snooping in hardware Yes Yes
PIM registers in hardware Yes Yes
Label Switched Multicast (LSM) Yes Yes

Table 8 provides information about supported optics for Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Base System and Port Cards.

Table 8.          Pluggable Optics for Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Base System and Port Cards

Category Optics
10G SFP+ Modules SFP-10G-SR
DWDM-SFP10G (all 40 wavelengths)
10G SFP+ Twinax Copper Cables SFP-H10GB-CU1M***
1G SFP Modules GLC-SX-MM
1000BASE-T SFP Module GLC-T (Support 10/100/1000Mbps)
100BASE-FX SFP Module GLC-GE-100FX**

* The base system or individual port card supports up to 8 SFP-10G-ZR modules in a 2x8 SFP cage. To meet the thermal requirement the SFP-10G-ZR modules should be deployed on port 1 to 4, or port 13 to 16 (the outer two columns) on the base system or individual port card. A fully populated Catalyst 6880-X system can support 40 SFP-10G-ZR modules.

** Support of GLC-GE-100FX is available on 15.1(2)SY2 and later releases.

*** Only version -02 or later is supported.

Table 9 provides information about software packaging.

Table 9.            Software Packaging

Item C6880-X-LE C6880-X
Software License ●  IP Services

●  Advanced Enterprise Services

●  IP Services

●  Advanced Enterprise Services

Software compatibility 15.1(2)SY1 and later releases* 15.1(2)SY1 and later releases*

* Support of port card is available on 15.1(2)SY2 and later releases.

Cisco ONE Software

Cisco ONE Software for Access Switching is available for the Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series Switch.

Cisco ONE Software is a new way for customers to purchase and use our infrastructure software. It offers a simplified consumption model, centered on common customer scenarios in the data center, WANs, and LANs.

Cisco ONE Software and services provide customers with four primary benefits:

  • Software suites that address typical customer use scenarios at an attractive price
  • Investment protection of their software purchase through software services-enabled license portability
  • Access to ongoing innovation and new technology with Cisco Software Support Service (SWSS)
  • Flexible licensing models to smoothly distribute customer's software spend over time

For ordering information for Cisco ONE Software for the Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series Switch, go to

Ordering Information

Table 10 lists the ordering information for the Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series chassis. To place an order, visit the Cisco ordering homepage.

Table 10.          Ordering Information

Product Description Part Number
Cisco Catalyst 6880-X-Chassis (Standard Tables) C6880-X-LE
Cisco Catalyst 6880-X-Chassis (XL Tables) C6880-X
Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Multi Rate Port Card (Standard Tables) C6880-X-LE-16P10G
Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Multi Rate Port Card (XL Tables) C6880-X-16P10G
Cisco Catalyst 6880-X 3KW AC Power Supply C6880-X-3KW-AC
Cisco Catalyst 6880-X 3KW DC Power Supply C6880-X-3KW-DC
Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Fan Tray C6880-X-FAN
Mandatory Air Dam set for 6880-X to meet thermal requirement C6880-X-NEBS-PAK

 Cisco Catalyst 6880-X-Chassis (Standard Tables) # C1-C6880-X-LE